ramifications and fallout

as i sit here sobbing, shaking with fear and anger, staving off an anxiety attack AND a ptsd episode, all i can think is congratulations, america. we just elected my narcissistic, compulsively lying, controlling, manipulative, abusive, gaslamping, attention whore of an ex-husband to the highest office in the country. we validated the absolute worst of humanity and told a man who does not give two shits about anyone but himself that we like him just the way he is. we have told our children that this is what they should aspire to be: a conman. a racist, selfish, closed-minded, misogynistic bully. we have told our children that it’s totally ok to take whatever you want, and everyone else be damned. that it’s ok to alienate people simply because you’re afraid. that it’s ok for people to die because they aren’t you, or yours. that when someone says something about you that you don’t like, you sue them, send them to jail, wipe them off the face of the planet, and destroy them. that it’s ok to make deals with people then bail on those deals, leaving everyone else high and dry. that it’s ok to use power to take advantage of others. that it’s ok to lie about everything under the sun, to change sides on an issue from one minute to the next, to have zero moral compass, .

i am ashamed to be american today. i am disgusted by every single one of my friends and family that voted for him. i am terrified for not only my own future, but the future of everyone i hold dear, and even those people that i don’t know, who live on the other side of the world. for the marriages of my non-straight friends, for the religious freedoms of my non-christian friends, for the safety of my non-white friends…


welcome to today

it feels like there is a large rock wrapped in snakes (not so much the writhing as the tubular shape) inside my abdomen, and like my guts are trying to reject everything i’ve eaten recently, but it can’t quite figure out how, so everything is just vaguely nauseous and painful. not so bad as to be curled in a ball on the floor screaming in pain, just groaning and wishing my body would get it’s act together already.

happy friday!

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so, that happened.