Just a check-up

Yesterday I got to meet with my new pcp. We did a basic physical, I got a tetanus shot because I couldn’t remember when I last had one, they drew some blood to run basic tests, and sent me on my way.

He confirmed that I don’t have an ear infection, or a chest cold. It’s all related to the allergies.

I also got the results of the blood tests and everything looks good. I stopped taking my supplements for a week prior, so we could see what that would do, and some things came back low, like iron, protein, and calcium, but they were within normal range, just low. Cholesterol levels look really good.

I maintain that aside from the issues with my digestive system, i’m pretty much fine.

life on the road

I don’t even know how people live in the south. I feel like I’m going to die, it’s so hot and muggy here. It’s like trying to breathe water. I almost forgot what it felt like to be sweaty and miserable all the time. I have to admit, I haven’t missed this at all. It makes me miss the nice cold basement back home. I’ve always maintained that I would rather be cold than hot, and this has just served to solidify that sentiment.

The biggest problem with this heat is that it makes me feel sleepy and weak. I just want to lay around all day. Working out feels like the hardest thing ever. Yesterday was PiYo: Sweat day and I got through 20 minutes of the 37 minute video and gave up. I just couldn’t do it. It felt like I was going to throw up at any moment, and just standing up made me light headed.

Today is supposed to be Lower Body, which is 1) shorter, and b: easier. I’m going to turn on the fan before I start this time, to cool down the room pre-emptively, and i’m going to do it at night, when it’s cooler anyway. Hopefully this will help me get through the whole thing. If i am successful, and am feeling up to it, I might consider a short run as well, but i’m not going to kill myself. If a run doesn’t happen today, oh well.

allergic to life

i’m presently traveling to visit a friend, and apparently my body has decided that i am allergic to everything. my whole body is fighting the very fact that i am still in this place. i’m stuffed up and sneezing constantly, my nose is running like a faucet, my eyes burn, i seem to be developing a chest cold, my face is breaking out, i have a rash on my chest and my left thigh, my right ear is plugged up and i can’t hear anything (which is problematic because that’s the ear i use to hear people talking to me), my digestive system has decided to stop functioning, i have a throbbing headache in my temples, and just for shits and grins, i have apparently started my period a week early.


i should just go home.

nope. still not a runner.

i ran again today.

i looked at the weather report, it said it was in the 60s and i decided i should take the opportunity to go run outside, rather than on the treadmill, during this brief window where the weather is tolerable. i stepped outside, pulled out my phone to turn on my running app, and there were rain drops on my screen. i realized it was starting to sprinkle, and given the way the clouds looked, it would probably start to rain rather soonish.

“i’ll just have to run faster” i told myself, and off i went.

now, the way our neighborhood is situated, the blocks are long one way, but very short the other, so to go to the end of my street, cut over one, come back up the next street, then cut back over to my street is a long, skinny rectangle. it’s also situated on a hill, so that no matter which way i go, it’s downhill for the first half, and uphill for the second half. there’s no getting around it.

about halfway up the street on the other side of the block, the wind kicked up and suddenly the temp dropped what felt like about 10*. after a bit of swearing, i just told myself “well, run faster!” so i ran uphill. faster.

i did 1.32 miles in 15 minutes today. i cut more than a minute off the first time i did this same trip, a week or whatever ago. i also managed to beat the storm home.

good job, self. good job.

naked people galore

there’s this woman that works at the store that is offended by nudity, so there’s an ongoing passive-aggressive between her and all the other staff. they will put all of the naked figures at the front of the store, displayed prominently, and she will hide them, cover them, or somehow find some other way to make them disappear. it’s amusingly childish and generally stupid because seriously, you’re a grown ass woman, and we’re not talking about porn here. it just happens to be naked people.

here is a collection of some of my favorite pieces of offensive art.

2015-03-28 11.52.20

2015-03-28 11.41.56

2015-03-28 11.52.37

2015-03-14 11.44.59

2015-02-18 16.05.58

2015-01-14 16.01.17 2015-01-14 16.01.25

so, that happened.