piyo day 23: core

last night while laying on the floor after my bedtime yoga, i did a roll up. it was slow, and it was incredibly difficult, but i did it! maybe there’s hope for me yet. of course, i still can’t do it fast enough to keep up with this video, so i still cheated and did a reverse plank while they did the roll down/roll up/side plank maneuver, but maybe some day i’ll get there.

in talking with a friend yesterday, he was bored and tried the Sweat video, which happened to be the same video i did yesterday. he had a revelation that while it feels very difficult at the moment, it really doesn’t take that much time out of the day, and a half hour or so later, he felt pretty ok. he felt like it might make a good supplement to the weight lifting he’s currently doing, and decided he wants to try to keep up with me. we’ll see how long that lasts…

tea time

cultures around the world have been drinking teas since forever. for medicinal purposes, for social purposes, for simply relaxing they have been an integral part of life for millions of people. i, however, have never liked tea. i just never developed a taste for it. cold, hot, sweet, plain… i just have never liked it.

somewhere in the last couple years i decided that i SHOULD like tea. i should be a tea drinker. maybe it’s for the medicinal purposes, maybe it’s just because i need a new way to get more water into my life without drinking more water with flavor powders, maybe it’s that i feel like as a grown up it’s a thing i should like. i don’t remember why, but i decided it, and so i set out to figure out how to make myself like tea.

i started with whatever was on hand that other people had bought. mostly it was sweet tea at first. certainly all bagged tea. i didn’t like any of it. i tried buying bagged tea that sounded more interesting to me. i managed to force myself to choke down a whole box of bagged tea, but it was never a thing i enjoyed, just a thing i felt obligated to do. a friend recommend i try loose tea instead, insisting they just taste better than bag tea.

buying tea online without ever tasting it first seemed like a really bad idea, so i knew i needed to find a store near me where i could go try stuff. thus, i stumbled upon Teavana. they have a few shops in the area, within reasonable driving distance. they seemed to have interesting sounding flavors listed on their website, so i figured i’d hit up the one at the nearest mall and ask for recommendations.

in the store, they let me sample a variety of types of teas (herbal, black, green, chai, etc) to get a feel for what i might like or might not. i discovered that i do not like straight green tea in the slightest. tastes like seaweed. i prefer chai and herbal tea, unsurprisingly because they don’t actually contain any tea. lol i did like the ones which were heavily fruity, and also the more savory with cinnamon and spices, but didn’t care for the floral ones. basically, the less it tasted like tea, the more i liked it. i settled on samples of two different flavors: Weight To Go! Pu-erh Tea and Caramel Almond Amaretti Herbal Tea.

the Weight To Go is sweet, with berries and fruit, and just a tiny bit of mint. it’s an interesting smell, anyway, but very minimally flavored. unfortunately, if i let it steep too long it just gets bitter and gross, so i can’t make it any stronger. i have found that with just a touch of stevia i can make it palatable enough to drink a cup of it in the evening without too much fuss.

on the other hand, the Amaretti is actually pretty good. it does taste of cinnamon, more than anything, but i’m not arguing. i made myself a cup of this and managed to down it without hesitation. that’s a good first step, i think!

once i finish these, i’ll go try something else. i think next time i might like to try a chai.

piyo day 22: sweat

week 3… how did i get here already? have i really made it through 3/4 of this crap? slow and sweaty wins the race, right? seems like these workouts hardly make me cry anymore. that’s probably good. maybe it’s good… maybe it means i’m not working hard enough anymore. maybe i should just quit asking questions, and get back to work.

rated R for language

this one time, i had a conversation with a co-worker about our favorite swear words and insults. while i discovered back in 2013 that i really love a good ol’ “Fuck”, i also have come to love “cunt”, “pig fucker”, “cum dumpster”, “knob gobbler”, “whore”, and “shit.” my co-worker, however, won the conversation without a question when she produced “twat waffle.” it still makes me giggle. i think that’s one of the funniest things i’ve ever heard.

twat waffle.


the first round always starts off feeling so easy. “i can do this. i totally got this. this is easy. i’ll be fine.” for the first segment, i’m great. then it ticks over to the second segment and i feel like “no problem! that was easy and just whizzed by!” then the second segment seems to take SO LONG! by the second segment of the 4th round of running i feel like “OMG KILL ME I CAN’T PICK UP MY FEET I’M GOING TO FALL OVER”

2015-01-24 21.10.10

so, that happened.