weight: 116.8 lbs
body fat: 24%
water: 52%

last night i really wanted to eat. sitting up watching tv until midnight gave me a lot of time to crave things. i managed to go with water instead, and a spoonful of peanut butter. consequently, today i feel fine. we’ll see how i do after i’ve eaten, but for right now i’m ok. none of the bloating, swelling, or stomach cramps i have a lot of mornings. sadly, even though i know this, and have known this for years (that i shouldn’t eat late at night because it makes me sick in the morning), i know myself and i’m going to continue to struggle with this.

piyo day 15: upper body

today i start week 3 of 8 with piyo. we’re kicking things off with upper body which doesn’t seem so bad after the last two days. i’m still cheating a bit on a lot of the plank maneuvers, because it hurts my abdominal wall, but i’m getting pretty comfortable with the rest of the moves. despite how sore my legs were yesterday, i feel pretty ok today so far. here’s hoping it stays that way.

thanks, texas

back in early november i took a trip to texas for a bit of both personal and business travel. you know, i’ve done a lot of traveling over the years, but this is the first time i had a violent physical reaction to a place. my entire body hated texas. my face broke out like i was going through puberty, my sinuses stuffed up, my eyes burned, i developed a rash on my chest, my digestive system went on strike, my feet swelled up, and i think i even started bleeding out my ear at one point.

fast forward a month and a half to now, and i’m not sure i was bleeding out my ear, but rather developing an ear infection that just won’t seem to go away. it’s finally at a point where i figure i ought to see someone about it. i value my hearing and my ability to remain upright, so today i’m going to see a doctor. here’s hoping for some good news…

piyo day 14: core

today was the dreaded Core workout again. i made it through this time, though i did lax off on some of the workouts. this one is going to take some time for me to work up to, what with my compromised core and all. i don’t really want to have another hernia surgery. one was quite enough for me.

even though it was 32 minutes long, i didn’t feel awful, and will probably go do a bit of cardio just to feel like i accomplished something today.

piyo day 13: sweat

even though i’m not seeing any improvement externally, today i felt significantly less intimidated by this workout. that’s got to count for something, right? there was less swearing, and i made it all the way through without bursting into tears. it still feels challenging, certainly, but not terrifying. baby steps…

exciting runaround

i’ve been having some issues with my left ear for a month and a half or so and i think i have had an ear infection that just won’t go away. today i finally broke down and called my newly assigned pcp, only to find that the number given was for a nursing home. O_o odd… looked all over online and couldn’t find any contact info for her directly, so i called the insurance company. they gave me phone numbers for 3 more doctors that i could call. the first one only does house calls, specializing in geriatric patients, and only for people that are homebound, which i certainly am not (anymore). ok… so i looked up the second doctor online and the number they gave me was also for the geriatric specialist office! what the hell you guys! finally the third one was a general practitioner and they had a location near me that could see me tomorrow morning.

it’s all just odd. i wonder what made them think i’m a senior citizen? and why, after i told the guy on the phone at the insurance company that the original number went to a nursing home and i’m only 34 so i don’t need a doctor at a nursing home did he then proceed to send me to two more doctors that specialize in seniors? no matter how old i may feel when i get out of bed some mornings, i’m not THAT old yet…